The engineered aluminum main frame of the XPO system is manufactured and assembled with various extruded profiles which incorporate a keder extrusion for the sliding in the air inflated skin. The aluminum is treated with a double layer of powder coated paint for intensive and outdoor use. Standard coating is in white; however, the structures can be wrapped in fabric for any color, design and branding elements.

The cross bracing connecting the frames is made of a powder coated 50mm diameter steel tubes and clip into casted stainless steel pucks. The frame system and floor are uniquely constructed without the use of nuts and bolts. The entire eXpo system simply clicks together allowing for a hassle free, very fast and safe installation.


The AirCell design and patterns are designed to fit the eXpo system. Different membrane materials and combinations are CNC pattern cut and sealed together via a unique welding technique and have a keder system to slide into the frame system easily. All the fabrics for the membranes are chosen based on the performance required for the project.




The fascia is designed on a 1m grid and contains extruded aluminum supports designed to fit different types of paneling or glazing. An aluminum single or double door system (with locks) can be mounted into the grid, providing a safe, wind resistant and easily-accessible eXpo space. This fascia system comes standard finished with textured matte graphite powder coating, but can be customized upon request. For glazing of the fascia and doors, we use 8mm polycarbonate on portable applications and 8mm plate glass for more permanent or long-term installations. The glazing is secured to the fascia with stainless steel screws and aluminum spreader washers. There is a checker plate aluminum ramp with all door systems to allow access for the disabled. These ramps are standard 1m deep.



We provide a floating flooring system that comes standard as outdoor rated. The resin-coated 18mm plywood is reinforced with galvanized steel supports. For extra loads such as car displays, we can reinforce the sections with extra leg support beams.

The flooring system clips together, allowing for a fast, safe installation. Carpet, printed flooring, and many other types of flooring can be installed in the units.


The doors are made of extruded aluminum with textured matte graphite coating to match the fascia supports. The glazing is 8mm polycarbonate for portable applications and 8mm plate glass for the more permanent or long-term deployments. The doors are a sliding system 1m wide. Both doors have handles on the inside and out with a door lock. There is a checker plate aluminum ramp with all door systems to allow access for the disabled. These ramps are 1m deep.

Air Power

The AirCells on the system are all high-frequency welded as sealed chambers. They will stay inflated over short periods of time; however, we do recommend an air management system to ensure all temperature changes and other factors are managed.