Our Snoozy is really fast architecture. It sets up in just ten minutes but provides the contemporary iconic look you can only get from Event Architecture. The Snoozy is based on a uniquely engineered, flat-pack, fold-up frame that utilizes a hinging fascia on an integrated galvanized steel floor system. The floors are designed for use with a forklift and can be stacked on top of one another for storage and transportation. The fillings for the front and rear of the structure are high-impact trespa panels with options for clear or tinted glazed sections. The structure uses a lockable sliding door for ease of access. The whole unit is wrapped and secured by a pressurized AirCell and can be branded inside and out. The Snoozy delivers a unique sleeping experience for creating a mobile motel. Great for festivals and can be sold as part of a sponsorship.


Standard Kit Includes |

  • Aluminum Frame with White Fascia Paneling
  • (1) White AirCell
  • (2) Single Sleepers or (1) Double Sleeper
  • Laminate Flooring
  • (2) 88.5” x 10.5” Interior Aluminum Shelves
  • RGB Mood Lighting with (2) USB Charging Ports

Features and Benefits | 

  • Clean industrial/architectural design that is weatherproof
  • Fully brandable
  • RGB LED mood lighting
  • (2) USB charging ports
  • Uses a unique Flat-Pack Fold-Up frame
  • Designs are unique, iconic, contemporary
  • Uses AirCells that are pressurized to create tension that gives its rigidity
  • Sets up in 10 minutes
  • Space in between cells is a natural insulator (cool and heat)
  • Climate control available
  • Fits 32 on a single truck
  • Stack up to 8 on a pallet
  • Floating floor clips into the main frame (no nuts and bolts)
  • Most deployments don’t require ballast or ground fixing
  • Sleeps up to 2 people