There is a growing demand of mobile event spaces that morph into pop-up retail shops. Our structures are rapidly becoming a go-to product as the architectural platform for these applications. We are developing our unique range of shop fit components that have been developed to offer a full system of integrated clip in items all tailored to maximize the look and feel of a great retail environment while being fast and easy to use, with full options to brand your own unique look.

Wall Panels

Th frame uses our unique puck mounting system. This allows all the wall paneling to be hooked on after or during installation. These wall panels are each 8’ by 4’ panels. Multiples are used to cover the whole wall if needed, even though the inside of the skin is already designed with a cosmetic finish.

The wall panels can be used to display graphics, print or illuminated, and have extra acoustic layers when used for office or classroom environments. The wall panels also form the basis which our other shop fit accessories fit into.


Shelves can be used with and without the wall system. They will hook into the frame pucks or the walling. Normally for full width shelves, they would fit into the frame pucks. For smaller shelves, they would need to work with the wall system.

Clothing Rails

Clothing rails can be integrated to the structure. This can form part of the initial design specification or can be added at any time after delivery.



Storage units can clip between the frame pucks where full width units are needed. Smaller storage units will clip on the wall panels as with the shelving. We can also create custom storage solutions to add to the unit.