Our structures respond to lighting with great effect. The interior and the exterior can be illuminated in a number of ways with wall washers or specifically projected lighting where a more ambient theme is needed, such as GoBos. For functional operations, such as retail or product displays, we recommend to use task lighting such as over head or wall mounted spot lighting.

Almost all the lighting we supply is LED. The ambient lighting is easily programmable with most color and lighting effects operated via DMX control. For complex and choreographed lighting displays, we will work with you to ensure all the details will complement the hardware needed to create the right effect.


Wall washers

Wall washers typically come as LED batons. These will be mounted on the floor inside the structures and can have a glare cover mounted on the floor in front of them.

Wall Washers second paragraph:  For the exterior wall washers, we supply a fixing plate which attaches to the exterior keder rails which the LED baton connects to. This fixing secures the baton from being stolen or interfered with during and after operations.


Spot Lights

The spot lighting all fit within a track system that is mounted to the main frame of the structure. This includes the walls and the ceiling. It is also possible to make spot light connections on the cross beams if needed.

recessed-1 copy.jpg

Floor lights

Recessed floor lighting and plug sockets can be integrated to the structure. This can form part of the initial design specification or can be added at any time after delivery. 


Task Lighting

The task lighting is ideal for shop fit displays and office applications. These can be added to the frame or be powered from anywhere under the flooring. 

Ambient Ceiling Lights

We can suspend almost any type of creative ceiling lighting to the frame. 



If you cannot find what you need we will always try to create a bespoke solution to accommodate your needs.