Furniture serves a number of purposes in face-to-face environments. Along with the obvious functional needs, furniture can help define spaces within an unit to complement design and branding elements as well. Our designers carefully weigh options to determine what furniture works and will look best in the space, while keeping client preferences in mind. Along with furniture stocked at our Dallas HQ, we also work with a vast network of suppliers worldwide, so furniture rental and purchase options are truly endless. From traditional to contemporary to whimsical, we’ve got you covered.



Blofield Inflatable Smart Chairs

The Smart Chair is lightweight, inflatable and blows up in less than a minute. These chairs are very stable, comfortable and feel like real leather. They are light and compact so it will keep storage, drayage and shipping costs at a minimum. Smart Chairs use durable, weatherproof materials that can handle sand, snow and sun. Best of all, they combine quality and comfort with mobility and fun. These chairs are the perfect complement to your unit for any event or pop-up shop.