The flooring comes as standard with black resin coated 1.8cm plywood. This is supplied as an under flooring to which most carpet printed vinyl flooring can be added. The purpose for this is that in most cases, the structures are used for temporary events and need to be reusable and efficient to operate.

We can replace the resin floor with other substrates to give a finished look. The options are endless but typical options would be exposed wood-varnished flooring, aluminium or stainless steel, marble, and pre-laminated rubber. The flooring can also have branded covers.



The most typical floor finish is carpet or vinyl. There is a growing selection of off the shelf solutions to suit most needs.


Rubber flooring is a great way to deliver a high impact and good looking industrial solution where demand on the surface is going to be heavy. The rubber can be laid once the structure is installed or pre-laminated to the flooring from our factory. 

Astro Turf

This is a popular way not only to create clean outside spaces but is also becoming popular as an interior solution. There is a large selection of colors available.



If you can’t find what you are looking for, we can always create a custom solution to meet your needs.